The SSi Traffic Cop is a completely mechanical case merging device.  It is efficiently designed for the aid in smooth product flow from one conveyor to another.    It directs conveyed cases in groups or as singles from multiple lanes.  The SSi Traffic Cop conveniently prevents product collision and overflow by holding cases back until the merging lane is clear.  Our engineered design does not require any electrical or control devices therefore reducing overall maintenance costs. 

90° Merge Style

Parallel Merge Style

45° Merge Style

 Current Specifications Include:

  • No electrical or control devices

  • Built with 3/4" aluminum plate frame

  • Will withstand cases with weights of up to 40lbs

  • Designed for cases 16" wide x 20" long and smaller

  • Mounts to conveyor side panel

  • Can be used in Parallel, 45°, and 90° merge applications