Stainless Specialists has the unique ability to refurbish and update existing equipment if new equipment is not required. SSi will assist the owner assess the condition of their existing equipment to make recommendations on how to meet desired needs and requirements. Items that SSi can refurbish are not limited to, but include:

  • Complete machine disassembly to inspect all mechanical parts and repair/replace as directed

  • Custom machining of obsolete parts

  • Design, fabrication, and machining of upgrades for obsolete parts

    • Sandblasting

    • 2 part epoxy paint finishing

    • Powdercoating

    • Acid dipping

    • Normal paint

  • Replacement of all/any worn

    • Specialty refinishing (zinc, nickel)

    • Shafts

    • Gears

    • Bearings

    • Bushings

    • Etc.

  • Replace outdated controls

    • Photo eyes

    • Proximity switches

    • Solenoids

    • Control panels

    • Custom machine programming

    • Vision systems

    • Complete machine rewiring

  • Update/installation of machine glue systems

  • Update/installation of door and safety interlock systems

  • Update machine guards to meet OSHA requirements

Once the refurbished piece of equipment has all the updates complete, SSi will finish out the project by installing it in your facility. See why SSi is your one stop shop for all your refurbishing projects.