SSi Safety Culture

Stainless Specialists, Inc. is dedicated in continuing its pursuit of safety excellence.  Nowhere is this more evident than our experience modification factor, which we have been able to lower from a 0.89 in 2009 to 0.59 in 2015.

SSI has a comprehensive safety program that addresses job specific concerns and provides guidance for the performance of the individual job tasks.  From random jobsite inspections to tool box talks to safety mailers/quizzes, SSI uses many techniques to maintain and advance its safety culture. It’s our goal to eliminate worksite injuries and hold our employees to the highest safety standards.



SSi is a member of ISNetworld.  ISN collects and maintains safety, insurance, quality, and requlatory information on contractors and suppliers, verifies their accuracy, and then reports the results to the client.  SSi is in good standings with all of its clients on ISN.