Bakery Products

SSi is highly experienced in finding solutions that involve handling food in the bakery and snack industry. From maintenance on ovens to designing and fabricating full product lines, we can work with you to provide excellent service and craftsmanship to fulfill your project requirements. Contact us today for help with your next bakery project!

Design Capabilities

  • Sanitary designs
  • Pitched members to avoid moisture pooling
  • Proofer infeed conveying systems
  • Rotary dough blades
  • Designs provide for managing large quantities of product using limited floor space
  • Topping applicators
  • Oven maintenance
  • Dough aeration rollers
  • Self driven non-motorized pizza crust dockers
  • Oil misting systems
  • Dough chunking systems
  • Custom equipment designs
  • Tool-less removable equipment for washing and simplifying maintenance
pizza docker aerator
bakery equipment
bakery equipment
bakery equipment