Can Crusher

If your company has a need to crush #10 size cans, this may be the unit that you’re looking for. Simple push button operation crushes #10 size cans up to 30 cans per minute. Allen Bradley push button controls make starting and stopping this unit a breeze that incorporates the necessary safety measures to get the job done quickly. This unit is designed to be sued in conjunction with a can-opening system (not included) that has auto-feed capabilities.

Design Capabilities

    • Hydraulic crushing compresses cans down to 2″ height
    • Stainless steel wash-down construction with built-in spray nozzles for upper crush area wash-down
    • NEMA 4 components
    • Removable panels


    • Powerful hydraulic power unit and cylinder built into equipment
    • Variable vane pump to keep oil temperatures lower
    • Optional take-a-way conveyor to convey cans to recycle bin (as shown)

    Utility Requirements

    • 480 3-phase power
    • Compressed air (80psi) for feed cylinder operation