Cheese Processing Equipment

SSi is highly experienced in finding solutions for your cheese processing projects. From scale rotary distribution chutes to full cheese cutting and processing equipment, we can work with you to provide excellent service and craftsmanship to fulfill your project requirements. Contact us today for help with your next cheese handling and processing project!

Design Capabilities

  • Automated brine draining
  • Cheese cutters and harps
  • One source solution provider for processing equipment
  • Topping applicators
  • Tool-less removable parts for speeding up daily cleaning
  • Cheese distribution
  • 3-A sanitary designs
  • Rotary distribution chutes
  • Polished finishes
  • Several wash-through designs for easy cleaning
  • Pitched members to avoid moisture pooling
  • CIP options available for rinsing, foaming, and high pressure washing
cheese cutter table
topping applicator
cheese cutter
cheese cutter table