Frozen Food Cluster Buster

Does your processing operation have issues with product clumping during a blast freeze process? The SSi cluster buster can speed up your processing operation by breaking down product clumps (clusters) that normally becomes a manual, time-consuming, and hazardous operation. A 3HP drive spins a helical pegged shaft that grabs product and breaks it into manageable pieces to keep your processing system running without interruptions.

Design Capabilities

  • Designed per customer specifications
  • Type 304 stainless steel for wash-down purposes
  • Interior polished to a stainless steel #4 finish
  • Bead blast finish on outer stainless steel components
  • Powerful 3HP drive
  • 96″ opening (as shown) to fit most freezer belt widths
  • Locking clean-out doors for safety purposes
  • Custom guarding per application
  • Optional Allen Bradley push button controls for starting and stopping the unit


Utility Requirements

  • 480 3-phase power