Product Lift Carts

Lifting heavy equipment up stairs is dangerous and can cause severe aches and pains. SSi has developed a sanitary design for lifting heavy equipment in wash-down environments. Our lift will keep your materials and workers safe while still being sanitary and easy to clean. With use of the push bars and swivel casters, our lift is easily stored away until material handling is required. Contact us today to learn more about our lift or for assistance on custom designing a new one to fit your requirements.

Design Capabilities

  • Pneumatic cylinder powered scissor lift
  • Safety props for maintenance and cleaning
  • Removable safety panels
  • Push bars & locking swivel casters for easy mobility
  • Currently designed for 57″ raised height
  • Manual lever control for up/down positioning
  • Easy quick-release air hook-up
  • Current design lifts 500lbs
stainless lift cart
stainless lift cart
stainless lift cart