Oil Knockdown Tank

SSi can customize any Oil Knockdown Tank for your food processing needs. Our Oil Knockdown vacuuming system removes excess oil, water, grease and ect. from your product conveyors. Once accumulated in the tank, our design allows the KDT to be easily drained or reclaimed.

Design Capabilities

  • Vacuum configuration
  • Vacuum is drawn through the tank which can remove the media from product
  • Media accumulates in the tank and can be drained or returned to a reclamation system via the bottom drain
  • Clean, media-free air is vented out of building
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Conical sloped bottom
  • Sanitary TriClamp connections
  • Can be designed in larger or smaller design for your needs
  • Design pictured is 24″ Sch 40 body and has a 3″ sanitary tube