Material Handling Carts

SSi designs and fabricates customized carts to transport products safely and securely. Whether your product is traveling on the factory floor or on a semi-truck, we have the solutions for you. Our design team works with our clients to dream up solutions to the most intricate requests. We have worked with automotive companies where painted parts need to be safe from smudges, scratches, and dents. We work with food processing companies where custom equipment and tools need to be transported with use of a sanitary cart from the product line to the COP tanks for cleaning. What ever the request, SSi will accommodate!

Design Capabilities

  • Sanitary stainless steel designs for food & beverage areas
  • Painted mild steel carts
  • Disc hand brakes
  • UHMW shelving
  • Pitched structural members to avoid moisture pooling
  • Stackable carts for storage and transport
  • Ergonomic for your production workers
  • Forklift pockets
  • Canvas tarp curtains to keep parts secured to cart during transport
  • Tight fit on parts to prevent any movements