SSi's sanitary stainless steel stair treads are a combination of clean, sturdy, and grippy to best fit every application setting.

Wash through tabs are standard

Approved for use in ready-to-eat facilities

Large raised traction grip cones in a staggered pattern reduces material accumulation on the MaxTred surface for a high traction stair tread surface with 1/4" traction grip cones on the nose.

MaxTred has been used in the sanitary food industry for over ten years in extreme conditions including those containing grease, water, dust/ingredients and combinations of all of those.

The all stainless steel stair tread construction provides for strong, long lasting and cleanable walking surface.

Design Load Capacities

The total maximum allowable capacities are compliant with and exceed ASCE-7-05

  • 24" MaxTred - 250psf

  • 30" MaxTred - 250psf

  • 36" MaxTred - 140psf

  • 24" Ship Ladder - 420psf


Custom sizes available for YOUR application!

New Serrated Tred!

Crevice free for easy to clean corners


Approved for use in ready-to-eat facilities

Wash-thru weld tabs are standard

Crevice free for easy-to-clean corners

Available as stair and riser assemblies