SSi is the preferred contractor for all your painting operation systems. With our many years of experience working on wet and powder painting systems, you can rest assure that come operation time, your system will function satisfactory. SSI addresses situations such as employee safety and facility operation costs when developing solutions for each system. The following are examples of systems we have worked on in the past:

  • Paint Conveyor Projects

    • Re-work existing conveyors to accommodate the ever-changing needs of painting facilities

    • Fabrication of new paint conveyor systems 


 Powder Coat (Safety Yellow) Finishing Operations

  • Paint Booth Projects

    • Modify existing spray booths during plant shut down

    • Fabricate new spray booth and required entrance and exits

    • Booth airflow design and install

    • Grounding system design and install

    • Paint fixture fabrication and modification

    • Ergonomically sound, paint storage carts for finished products

    • Detail/Buffing station design, fabrication and install

    • Installation of IR oven assemblies



Paint Line Fixture (Stainless Steel Fabrication)


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