Raw Receiving Potato Surge System (Evenflow Bin)

Improve your space efficiency with a Raw Receiving Potato Surge System (or Evenflow Bin) from SSi. Whether your organization takes in large accumulation of raw product or needs additional metering capacity for cleaned product, a system like this can accommodate your needs. Our design allows for quick staging as well as operator or automatic discharge speed adjustment. With a 7GA stainless steel wall and framework, these bins can withstand even the dirtiest of material. A stainless guard “doghouse” covers the bottom belt to reduce amount of direct product pressure being applied at any given time. Modifications like this, can help reduce maintenance costs and make your plant more efficient. Reduce your handling time as well as space constraints and get a quote on your Evenflow Bin today.

Design Capabilities

  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Designed for raw receiving areas
  • Designed and built with your specific application in mind
  • Bin sizes are custom to product and product load
  • Outfeed take-away conveyor typically installed with a VFD allows constant metering of product flow into a processing line
  • 1/4″ thick take-away belt cover (dog house) keeps product load from pressing on outfeed belt
  • SSi recommends 240/480VAC for typical utility connection
  • System typically is installed with 3 conveyors:
    • Bin Fill (incline)
    • Bin Feed (horizontal)
    • Bin Discharge (horizontal)
  • Bin Feed Conveyor generally has manual plows that allow bin to be filled front to back