Sanitary Drains

With processing facility sanitation audits becoming a reoccurring event, plants have been focusing on bettering sanitation requirements. Major bacteria harborage points occur in rusty floor or trench drains. SSi can manufacture custom stainless steel sanitary drains to better your plants sanitation needs. These drains can easily be removed for COP operations if necessary. They can be designed for your specific application in mind. Whether it be a walking surface or a forklift aisle SSi can meet your needs.

FEA analysis to determine loading

Design Capabilities

  • Designed per customer specifications whether it’s a walking or driving surface
  • Custom profile options as well as drain-throughput options
  • Stainless steel 304 for washdown purposes
  • Variety of surface finishes to choose from (MaxTred, SlipNOT™, AlGrip™, diamond plate, and more!)
  • Stainless steel trench liners available in box or u-shape
sanitary trench drain
sanitary drain