Stainless Steel Festoon Brackets

Through years of working in food plants, specifically in material handling and packaging areas, SSi has found that many plants have a difficult time finding a more sanitary way to handle cables on overhead trolleys and conveyor extensions. We have developed sanitary stainless steel fabricated festoon trolley brackets. If you feel you need a stainless steel application for your cable and pulley handling, please contact us! If you give us information on your current brackets, we can do a complete retrofit design for you to swap out as you see fit.

Replace the dirty, breakable brackets with clean, durable brackets!

Design Capabilities

  • Stainless steel heavy duty design
  • Fits round, oval, and flat cables
  • Complete retrofit design for swapping out current plastic brackets
  • Easy-to-install
  • Easy-to-clean
festoon bracket
stainless festoon bracket
stainless festoon bracket