Monorails & Trolley Systems

If you are having issues moving heavy materials from one area to another where floor space is limitied, SSi has solutions for you. We design stainless steel monorail systems to be used in your food processing facility that are durable, clean, and safe. We custom design each system to work with our client’s requirements to ensure material is being handled efficiently. Whether you need your monorail to be mounted from the floor or ceiling, SSi can engineer for your specific application.

Design Capabilities

  • Client specified trolley manufacturer
  • Food grade trolley systems
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Other material and finish specifications available
  • Wash-down, corrosive, and harsh environmental applications
  • Custom specifications due to clearance limitations
  • Structurally engineered designs
stainless steel monorail system
stainless monorail systems
stainless monorail systems