Tote Dumpers

Most processing plants have needs to add-back or introduce new product into an existing product stream. This product normally resides on pallets, in totes or in boxes. The SSi tote dumper can benefit your processing operation, by speeding up the amount of time it takes to add-back product while doing it in a safe manner. Integrated Allen Bradley push button or PanelView™ controls make operation a breeze while keeping the operator out of the way of moving machinery. Optional take-away hopper system and access catwalk access can easily be added to make this tote dumper a complete unit ready to install. Stainless steel construction and optional stainless steel hydraulic components help keep this unit to the highest standard of sanitation.

Design Capabilities

  • Designed per customer specifications (ie; tote size, swing height, loading position)
  • Epoxy coated wash-down hydraulic pack with stainless steel shroud
  • Pictured model engineered for 4000lbs
  • Sanitary wash-through design
  • Optional pneumatic tote loading clamp to firmly secure totes/boxes while they are unloaded
  • 40 cubic foot tote capacity
  • Optional large bore stainless steel hydraulic cylinders to actuate dumper
  • Front or side loading capabilities

Utility Requirements

  • 480 3-phase power
  • Compressed air (80psi) for locking cylinder operation (optional)
  • Single or dual stage
tote dump
tote dump